About Me.

I’m Benjamin Sinca – I’m a UI/UX and Front End Developer.
Also I’m a creative geek guy married to an amazing girl.

Benjamin Sinca
UI/UX Developer

I was born in a beautiful city called Oradea in Transylvania. Surrounded by creative people I started to design, after a while I even earn some money – and as a really young man earning money by doing something which I didn’t feel as was working but more like having fun had a fantastic influence on my career perspective. Therefore, I became a freelancer and in a couple of years of designing and developing I was finally a web artist.  I gathered a lot of knowledge working for a start-up and after that for a University.

After Daredevil first season just appeared I moved to London. In this crazy city obviously, I got a job at a web agency. However, travelling on district line I developed a new UI/UX philosophy – which you can see the summary of it by just having a look at my website and my blog. The rest of it, you can acknowledge only in case of emergency or working with you.

I am  a UI/UX and Front End Developer and Graphic designer artist. I’m an evangelist of flat/minimalist and majestic design. My passion is UI/UX and Front End – and my creativity, stubbornness and experience helps me to develop high-class stuff.

I am an accomplished Developer that can think out of the box and understand the gravity of interaction, motion and visual design. I focus on simplicity, which is harder to accomplish than complexity.

My work ethic is based on Paul’s Rand great quote: “Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated.”

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