The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

For the first time, I was ‘chasing Mondays’! As my wife and I planned a 3 days trip to Barcelona, it was a spontaneous trip for my birthday and as a result spending my birthday by traveling is just the perfect gift.


I would like to start by pointing out that one of the things I enjoyed most, which was the vibe in a beautiful combination with the unique and astonishing culture which is mostly projected by the absurd architecture of the city.


Visiting Barcelona is yet not that overrated! The city is cool for a reason! Here’s a short brief regarding the reasons you should visit Barcelona:


Reasons to visit Barcelona:


  1.    Gaudi’s Architecture
  2.    Gothic Quarter
  3.    Búnquers del Carmel
  4.    The beach
  5.    Shisha Fans: Ziryab Hookah Shisha Lounge


If you are into traveling and like to discover quirky places, you may like to read the rest of this article. The moment I knew that I will go to Barcelona I started to surf the Internet and ended up google-ing the most random things such as “monkeys drinking beer in Barcelona” or “tapas eating competition pub Barcelona”, as a result after reading dozens of articles, starting from blogs like lonely planet and pictures from travel account on Instagram I ended up more confused than ever. Therefore, based on our experience, I would like shortly to give tips and share our experiences we had in Barcelona.


1. God’s Architect: Gaudi


The Catalan Architect is just way too unique in his art! I just could not understand how an architect can be that colorful and hazardous but yet without a doubt truly amazing! Gaudi’s history is quite interesting, even after his death! His authenticity is inspiring your little madness-artist inner side! Here are a top ten architectural arts of Gaudi’s to visit, take your time and ‘worship’ the madness! I suggest to read or watch something about him: Such as this video. Also, discover great things about him here: Boring Wikipedia  and decent blog post about buildings.


2. Gothic Quarter


First of all, do not eat outside this area (except Mercado de La Boqueria) We tried a ‘good looking’ restaurant but the quality wasn’t that good and it was quite pricey in comparison to the Gothic Quarter where you can find awesome food for really good prices! We ate decent calzone and the pizza was looking appetizing. If you want really good coffee try at Black Remedy! The place looks literally sick and the food is quite interesting(the veggie burger was delicious).
Also, the narrow streets make you feel like in a movie! If you want to take pictures with empty streets the only option is very early in the morning!


3. Búnquers del Carmel


This was, in my opinion, the best part of visiting Barcelona! The views are just magnificent! This was quite a memorable experience! You had two different worlds, by one side you can see the beach with the great tall building and lots of churches and by the other side, you feel like in a Prince of Persia/Assassins Creeds scene! I suggest going there no matter what!


Is quite easy to get there by metro, it’s almost one hour from Liceu. Here’s a the Google map link:


4. The beach


The vibe on the beach is true ‘Mediterranean’. The sea’s color pallet is great to watch and the calm waves create an amazing atmosphere! You can spend hours on Barcelona’s beaches relaxing and enjoying the blue view! It can be quite crowdy but, if you are in Barcelona for a short trip it’s worth it! You can get there by metro and then a 10 min walk or by bus if you would like to observe the life in Barcelona.


5. Shisha Fans: Ziryab Hookah Shisha Lounge


Okey! I am a shisha lover. I enjoy shisha and I totally enjoy the vibe/atmosphere in this lounge! The shisha is really good they have all the flavors you can dream + some weird must try combo’s, also they only have high-quality flavors! The place is extremely cozy and the staff is friendly and interactive! The beer and the cocktails are way too cheap and come in a big amount! It’s definitely a must!




Tips or Things you should know:




Metro in Barcelona at first sight, from the airport to central, it looks high-tech clean and awesome! But in reality, there are few metro lines in Barcelona that are thaaaat cool! I would suggest if you are there for a couple of days to buy the T-10 ticket offer which is 10 euro. In comparison with London is not that expensive! However, sometimes you need to travel even for 1 hour by metro to get to some places, which can be tiring but that’s the beauty of traveling! Also, there is the bus option which is not that bad, it’s longer but hey, you will see the life of Barcelona much better from a bus rather than from underground.


Don’t hire a scooter! The traffic is literally the noisiest I’ve heard so far! You feel like is Moto GP live! Not that cool when you hear a hundred times an hour ‘putra madre’ or something even worse! However, is not that fast taking into consideration that the traffic is always busy and is quite risky in my opinion! Also, if you want to hire a cool vintage Vespa you gotta be rich.


A bike may be a better option!


Airport to Central Barcelona: So there’s a Metro straight to central or other areas of Barcelona. The T-10 or a weekly pass won’t work hence you have to buy a normal ticket which is 4.5 euros, the same goes for when you go back to the airport! We thought T-10 would work as we had one more trip left, but we had to get out to the airport to buy a proper ticket to the airport even though it was just one stop.




Well, the tapas are nice, you can get offers such as 2 euro for one tapas and a small beer, which is decent! There are lots of options where you can eat but ignore those who are on the street inviting you to their restaurant, usually, those have low-quality quite expensive food! However, the Gothic Quarter is just the perfect place but do not forget about the food markets such as Mercado de La Boqueria! Food Market/Street is better quality as you can see how they are preparing the stuff, there are plenty of options even for vegan/veggie people and the price is really decent!


Hostel vs Airbnb vs Hotel


We prefer Airbnb option and I must say I enjoyed it! You can find great flats in Barcelona, have a look! Also, I think if you go in larger groups it can be cheap and cozy as well! However, hostels may be cheaper if you don’t mind sharing the room/house with strangers.


Get a Go Pro!


Or something similar! Barcelona has a lot of great places to immortalize in your memory and also in your PC’s memory! I think capturing moments through videos while traveling, is the best way to relive them. Going through them after a couple of years, thinking how nice was that trip remembering random details, will make you say ‘dang I was cool’.


Here is a video of what I’ve captured:

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