The Science of UI


Any innovative concept is projected by the authenticity of the founding idea.  Developing a concept, whether theoretical or practical,  would push creators and their work to the next level. One thing that defines ‘next level design’ is minimalism. As the UI would satisfy the right part of the brain and the UX would satisfy the left part.

Lately, I’ve noticed that great creators are breaking rules, ignoring common conventions, and testing the limits of design.  Creators can develop concepts which are opportunities that allow users to enhance and improve their experience.

This year UI trends are gradients, minimalism, Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Lines and Circles,  Visual hierarchy and Tiny Typography (Here you can see more).  Trends which I salute!


Subject: Biziday


Biziday is a news (kind of) App, where you can only access articles that are posted by trustworthy news websites in Romania. Lately, we’ve seen the impact of fake news and how those articles can manipulate easily the mass. But this app is an answer to that. I’ve been using this app for a while and yet there were no UI changes. I didn’t expect to but the app is a success. Therefore, I took some time to develop a minimalist, easy-to-use UI concept, influenced by the 2017 trends.

I believe this app is a solution to a big problem hence, this app deserves a great UI/UX.


Take a look at my concept.

However, in case you need the source files click here. Download if you want to have a look, edit or whatever you want to do. Don’t necessarily want credit but if you use it for commercial reasons I would appreciate a mention.

Let me know what do you think!


biziday ui app concept

biziday ui app concept